InOrbit Connect for End Users

Connect your robots to the cloud with a single click using InOrbit’s RobOps platform and gain access to all the critical operational data you need in one place regardless of vendor to improve process efficiency.



Use the new Robot Directory to search for InOrbit Connect certified robots to speed setup and streamline management as you expand your fleet.


Use InOrbit’s free or paid platform to observe all of your robots and manage operations in one place.


Add multiple robots from one or more vendors with just one click each.


More easily manage orchestration across various robots, from shared maps and context to mission management and dispatching.


Optimize operations more quickly by leveraging centralized insights from across your fleet.


How to add InOrbit Connect certified robots:

Request an activation code from your robot developer

Click ( + ) on the fleet dashboard and enter the activation code

See all your robots in one easy to use dashboard